Your workplace's
health and wellness fix.

If work is where you spend the majority of
your day, why go anywhere else to meet
your health related needs?



Kyor designs pioneering technology products and services that suit the unique health needs of individuals, organisations and the members of any organisation. Below are the benefits for the common case of a corporate organisation.

For Employers

Maximise productive hours

Spending hours looking for the right service is no longer an unavoidable part of getting healthy and staying there. We help you save those precious, productive hours.

Gain unprecedented insight into your company's health

Monitor key health indicators across gender, age groups, location and management levels over a period of time and find out exactly where and when you need to intervene.

Monitor and forecast claims and insurance premium

View and monitor insurance claim trends and forecasts. Directly see what’s working and what isn’t.

Health check-up tools

Pre-employment and annual health check ups needn’t be such hassles. Our health check up tools make managing these a breeze.

Take only what you need

Upgrade and downgrade anytime and pay for only what you really need.

For Employees


A bundle of carefully curated health and wellness services, all available through one single, convenient online resources. Because we know what works.

Quality guaranteed

We only work the most trusted service providers so you don’t ever have to worry about where they’re coming from.

Best prices

A bundle of carefully chosen services at the best prices, just for you. All of our services are available at a discounted price compared to the market rate.

Track your health

View your vital health stats and keep a track of everything on your own personal health timeline.

Health feed

Receive exciting and informative health related content and learn more about how you can be the healthiest you.

Start building a healthier, happier organisation today.